President’s Award Received from AIA-Baltimore

Proud Recipient of a most Prestegious Award….

On October 9, 2015, during the AIA-Baltimore Design Awards, I was presented The President’s Award for “Consultant of the Year” by Rob Brennan, President.

I could not be  more honored, humbled and appreciative for the kind recognition and overwhelming support from the architectural community and most especially the Baltimore Chapter of AIA.

I have been in the window and door business for over 25 years. The architectural community has been, and continues to be, an integeral part of my business life.  I have been a long standing member,  friend and sponsor of this Chapter almost as long as I’ve been in this business.

Over these many years, I have had the great pleasure of working along side of just about every architectural firm in Baltimore and Annapolis. I am proud to have served on their projects  as their “go to” advisor for window and doors and I look forward to continuing on  as part of their team and future projects.

It goes without saying, when you partner in business for this many years, you eventually become a trusted friend and ally. I am proud to say that I have earned the trust, respect and friendship of many architects. I’ve gotten to know them, their families, their personal stories. I’ve celebrated in their accomplishments. I’ve seen many enter the profession as an associate and catapult to becoming a firm  partner. We all lost a good friend, then Executive Director, Karen Llewand. She was my cheerleader and advocate for becoming more engaged as a member and sponsor of AIA Baltimore. Kathleen Lane, current Executive Director, does a good job of filling her shoes.

This is an organization that has grown from  small beginnings to a wonderful and vibrant Chapter with almost 1,000 members. There are more committees available to fit every interest and passion to encourage participation.
I wish to extend a special “shout out and thank you ” to  my friends and colleagues of the Allied Members Commitee for their never ending, uplifting spirit. None of us are architects. However,  we are an  integral part of this Association who understand that our relationship with the architectural community is symbiotic. We are a creative, fun and vibrant group who work together for the good of the cause.

I also cannot go without  especially thanking President and long time business associate , Rob Brennan,  The AIA Baltimore Board of Directors, Executive Director, Kathleen Lane and the wonder support staff of Baltimore AIA, Ally Lancaster, Morris Murray, A. Zevi Thomas, Nathan Dennies. I appreciate you all!

So as 2016 approaches, I look forward to the new year with great excitement as the Allied Members Committee Liaison to the Board of Directors  and then in 2017, Allied Members Committee chair. There is lots to do!

On a personal note, this could not be a more prestegious award bestowed upon me. I am beyond greatful. For over 25 years I have worked diligently to support the architectural community and earn their trust as their window and door expert for their projects. I am greatful to have the opportunity to continue on as their trusted advisor via my new business venture , Window & Door Planning Consultants.

I welcome your  interest and appreciate the opportunity to continue on as YOUR trusted window and door Consultant.

Please visit my web page to further understand the services and experience offered to you and your projects.  Then, please CONNECT! Let’s discuss a business plan that insures your project’s success.

Together, we are a winning team and the bridge to your project’s success!


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