Doing things “status quo” never gets you ahead

I’m sure you are asking yourself, why do I need an expert for this project? What can they really bring to the process that will help reach the end goal and save time, money and potential aggravation?

The answer In brief is “a lot.”

Why? First, my past experiences are non-typical …

  • Being on the inside of a business afforded me clear perception and understanding of what really goes on “behind closed doors”.  I know what it takes to run a successful business, satisfy client’s needs and what pitfalls to avoid.
  • My thorough understanding of the architectural and contractor professions allows for effective and efficient communication on both sides of a project.
  • My keen ability to sort through the jargon and separate fact from fiction, in terms you can understand, affords good decisions and saves time, money and stress.
  • I thoroughly understand  the REAL  needs and desires of the homeowner who is looking to spend their hard earned money to replace one window or door or build their dream home, because I’ve helped thousands over 25 years!
  • Over my entire career as a trusted partner, I’ve amassed an extensive support network of key connections. This affords me the enormous ability to negotiate, manage and monitor on your behalf, protecting your best interest, fairly and objectively.
  • I understand that NO ONE can be “a Jack of all trades” and continually be successful. My experiences are honed to your specific needs which affords you focused efforts and undivided attention.
  • Being tech savvy, communication is never a problem.
  • Remember, I am a consumer also!

Second, I’ve seen everything and have worked with some of the best (and worst) in the industry. I understand not everyone has your best interest at heart. Ethics, morals and honesty are sometimes compromised for the sake of the sale and YOU could be the victim. I’ve been client focused my entire career and understand true success comes from genuinely looking out for the client’s best interest. Falling short of that will guarantee failure and a scarred reputation.

I understand that when you “trust” an expert to have your best interest at heart, it IS an emotional connection as well as financial commitment.  As your advisor and consultant, be assured, your best interest is first and foremost.

As your liaison and advisor, my commitment is to you and your project!

Please “stay tuned” to my web site and my other social media sites to connect and read further about the support I offer you and your projects.

Contact me today to learn how I can help partner with you on your project!