As YOUR partner, you are assured…

For the Business Owner
  • 22986299_185wideA proven, motivated advisor, who brings an exceptional skill set and the required business savvy to make us a winning team for your projects AND your business!
  • An objective and professional analysis for best use, design, performance and solutions.
  • A “Fresh Perspective”, stimulating ideas and positive direction for your project, staff and business.
  • A professional liaison, mediator, arbitrator, who can get to the heart of the matter, communicate effectively, improve negotiations and positioning, affording positive end results.
  • A solid and extensive network of support professionals.
  • An “extra pair of hands” who can supplement skills to your organization without the frustration of having to recruit, train and commit to a full time hire.
  • A level of ethics and expertise that will guarantee you and your clients Peace of Mind and overall Savings to the bottom line!
For the Homeowner
  • 18090738_185wideA trusted liaison who will advise objectively, without pressure, having your best interest at heart.
  • A communicator who can decipher the jargon and sort out the technical details, in terms you will understand.
  • A trusted advisor and confidant who can take the uncertainty and stress out of the decision making process.
  • A steadfast and reliable advisor, who, by your side, can protect you from costly mistakes!


  • american_brewery_185wideArchitectural Professionals: residential and commercial
  • Contractor Professionals: residential, commercial, remodel and restoration
  • Neighborhood Architectural Review Boards: public and private sectors
  • Historic Advisory Boards: public and private sectors
  • Multifamily Planners and Developers of residential and senior housing projects
  • Light Commercial Developers
  • Personal residence owners- new construction/remodel projects
  • Residential and Commercial Investors
  • Private and Family-Owned Businesses
  • Manufacturers and Vendors seeking general business, marketing, best practice advice